America’s Saul

In 1052 BC, the people of Israel told the prophet Samuel they wanted a King. They were disgusted by the corruption of judges that led the government.

When Samuel asked God what to do about the people’s demand for a King, God tells Samuel to warn the people of the “war, economic devastation, and loss of civil rights” the people will suffer under the King. The people rejected the repeated warnings and end up with King Saul, the arrogant, handsome son of a rich father.

Over the next 40 years Israel was devastated!

Reminds me of America today. The Clintons are the poster children of the diseased American political class that trades the virtue of public service into self-serving, multimillion riches packaged in speaking fees, lobbying contracts and half-truths. Indeed, the heart of American government has an infection.

But like the ancients Israelites, Americans are being warned today by our military, intelligence and economic leadership against electing a morally depraved, reprobate King with no relevant skills for the job of President.

America is not a Trump Casino.

Americans deserve better pay than Trump hotel wages.




Voting for Clinton will be the most distasteful vote of my life. But at least we won’t have a President that:

– thinks murdering your political opposition is good leadership,

– who refuses to share his tax returns because he lies about his charity, income and offshore tax avoidance schemes,

– whose anti-trade policy could set off inflation and recession that wipes out our savings;

– who preaches a gospel of hate that will return America to the riots and civil disturbance of the 1960’s;

– who uses grade school bully tactics of interrupting and offending people that expose his insecurity and emptiness of thought;

– boasts about a life of greed, sex, and slander that warps a generation of American school children.

At least we know who puts money into the Clinton Foundation. Does anyone know who finances Trump Casinos and Hotels? Could his anti-NATO rhetoric be a means of helping business partners and money launderers?

It is sad choice we have. But if we elect Hilary Clinton, we can fix the problem in four years. If we elect Trump, like Saul, the damage may take us 40 years to clean up.

We won’t cure the heart of America’s political weakness by clowning around with the toxic chemotherapy of a con artist.



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