Grandpa, you did not go home from the Elbe River empty-handed. I now make my home at the edge of the Danube, with my son whom I named after you, sharing the virtues of individual freedom you fought for with what little I have to offer: my mind, my money and my faith. Your life lives on in mine.

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“What has happened to America?” This is the question I am often asked by Europeans. It is not a question asked with satisfaction or gloating. It is asked with concern that the symbol of individual freedom and hope is fading.

American foreign policy has become reactionary and naive. American domestic policy has stepped backwards 100 years to the era when politicians were administrators for the wealthy.

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In 1942, Edith Hamilton wrote “we all need to find a silent sanctuary where we free our harassed and perplexed minds to recapture values that are the possession of humanity”.

One of those values is fresh air, clean water and natural food. We are what we breathe, drink and eat.

During my 15 years of biotech investing I learned the simple truth that most modified substances and chemicals that we put into our bodies cause more problems than they solve.

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