Inclusive Principles of Parliamentary Democracy

In the past year, the Romanian politicians have violated the constitutional principles in 3 stunning acts:

  • Manipulated the Presidential election by issuing a National Emergency Ordinance (55/2014) so 552 Mayors and 4607 City Council members could switch parties for 45 days before elections without losing their position;
  • Passed numerous laws that give Politicians “special protection” in criminal investigations and indictments that ordinary citizens do not have;
  • Eliminated electoral districts and returned the Parliament elections to closed party lists – just as Vladimir Putin did in 2007 to take away the citizens’ right to make the laws of the nation.

One young Romanian expressed our frustration in this picture.


He speaks for many of us who see the words in our Constitution about rule of law, citizen rights, will of the people and democratic principles as simply ‘democratic lipstick on a communist pig’.

Indeed, the political culture in Romania is still centralized control. The laws and institutions are designed to allow a few political party leaders to control the flow of money, laws and political power.

A democracy is not the right to vote – people vote in Iran. Democracy is a set of principles. These principles can be implemented in many different laws, allowing each county to create a unique democracy. But these PRINCIPLES are the proven bedrock for ensuring prosperity and freedom.

Over the past year, RomaniaOne has studied the common characteristics of Parliamentary Democracies where the median family income is over $40,000 (see Case for Democracy posted on this blog June 29th). We have identified 10 Inclusive Principles of Parliamentary Democracies.

Inclusive Principles of Parliamentary Democracy

These principles are to freedom as oxygen is to life.

Over the past 10 years, Romanian institutions have become widely respected in the areas of central banking, anti-terror, cyber security, military and justice. The gaping hole in Romania’s democracy is a broken, structurally flawed Parliamentary system. It requires major structural reform.

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