My New Years Thought

A friend asked me “How can you remain so optimistic, when we live in a world led by megalomaniacs, haters, and liars?”

I have four responses

1) In the end, facts win

2) Things are never as good as they feel, nor as bad as they appear

3) Change happens bottoms-up, not top-down

4) Our purpose is simple

The nice thing about Truth is that it never changes. Here is a 17th century prayer about purpose that is dear to me.

Dear Lord,

There is one thing that deserves my greatest care,
that calls forth my ardent desire.
That I might answer the end for which I was made.
To glorify my Maker
and do all the good I can for my fellow man.

Most men seem to live for themselves
without much regard for God
or the good of others.
They earnestly desire and eagerly pursue
the riches, honor, pleasures of the life.
As if wealth, greatness and merriment
could make their immortal souls happy.

What false delusions are these
how miserable will be those that sleep in them.
Oh may I never succumb to the vanities and folly of this present world
it is a place of inexpressible sorrow and emptiness.

God give me the grace to live in you
to reject as delusion a great name in this world.
Help me to continually know
that there can be no true happiness
no fulfilling your purpose for me
Apart from a life lived in and for
the Son of your love.

Joy and peace in the New Year !

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