Parliament and Corruption

Political Corruption is a disease that kills thousands of Romanians each year. It kills because money that should be spent on healthcare is stolen and ends up in Politician’s and Political Party bank accounts. The costs of Political Corruption are seen every day in our deteriorating education system, outdated trains, and non-existent highway system.

Every 50,000 Euros stolen from State budget is one life lost to a treatable illness or one child’s future sacrificed due to poor education. I have seen too many Romanians die because the State cannot afford basic cancer fighting medicines.

The Romanian Anti-Corruption effort, led by extraordinary Prosecutors, Judges and Intelligence agents is attracting worldwide attention because Corruption is recognized as the greatest human rights issue of our time. Without political corruption, we would end starvation, teach every child how to read, and provide basic healthcare to every citizen.

I am not surprised by Romania’s leadership in fighting corruption. No one hates corruption than Romanian citizens.


Sadly, the government is not doing their job. Courts have awarded almost 1 billion Euros in final judgments that MUST be used to rebuild our education system and purchasing life saving medicine. The Government is not collecting it !

During the first week of May the Parliament proposed new laws to weaken the Anti-Corruption system so a few hundred members of the Political Establishment can continue to steal taxpayers money and ignore the stunning cost on millions of Romanians.

Change does not start by taxing the tips of poor waitresses. It starts at the top in Parliament. Morale leadership always begins at the top. Parliament needs to start acting like a western Democracy, not post-Communist State. This begins with eliminating criminal amnesty and secret votes in the Parliament. Parliament needs to police itself with it’s own ethic’s committees that investigate corruption among members and approves every proposed Cabinet Member.


Romanians are good people that know right from wrong. Every Member of Parliament needs to look themselves in the mirror ask “What is my role in allowing the country with the most mineral wealth in the European Union to have the lowest life expectancy and worst public education system?”

Romanian citizens owe it their parents and their children to hold their Deputies and Senators personally accountable to strengthening every Institution in the Anti-Corruption and collecting the money from every Final Judgment. Sooner or later, your life will depend on it!

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