Principle #2 – Individual Accountability

In June 2014, President Obama told Romanians that you “need to hold your government accountable..”

For centuries Romanians were punished under the heavy hand of kings, sultans, boyars and brutal dictators if they confronted government officials.

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The word accountability is such a new concept, it is impossible to translate into Romanian.

Accountability integrates three concepts essential to democratic voting methods.

  1. The performance of each politician must be measured
  2. Each politician must provide specific answers on their achievements and voting record
  3. Voters will determine whether a politician has another mandate or looks for a new job

Voting methods should not allow politicians to escape individual accountability by hiding on party lists.

We understand that people who borrow money to buy a home are accountable for paying back the loan or they will lose thier home.

The same principle applies to politicians in a democracy.

It is essential that all levels of government have frequent elections where every politician stands alone and is subject to the power of the citizens vote.  This is the very essence of a democracy – where power rests in the people.


While England, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand all have slightly different voting methods, in every case, it is very difficult for corrupt, incompetent and disinterested politicians to hide on closed party lists.

The opposite is true in Romania today.   There is no individual accountability to the names on closed party lists.  We have the same political parties and politicians today as ten years ago.


Same political parties, same politicians, same roads.

Einstein said the definition of insanity is repeating the same experiment again and again and expecting a different result.   We need direct elections !




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