Principle #1 – Direct Election

The essence of parliamentary democracy is that citizens elect their own representatives to make laws on their behalf.

Let’s repeat this – Citizens, not political party bosses, choose the people that right the laws of a democratic nation.

The process is simple

  • Citizens choose a member of the community to represent them in Parliament
  • The elected representative visits the community frequently to make sure his/her vote represents the will of the community
  • The community has frequent elections so representatives are held accountable for how well they served the citizens

In direct elections there is no place for incompetent or corrupt politicians to hide.   They either perform or lose their job.


For 25 years the Romanian Parliament has operated for the benefit of politicians and barons.   The citizens only voice has been to demonstrate in the street.   The result has been devastation in schools, infrastructure and the land around us.


Law making in a democracy is often a slow process because a variety of opinions must be heard. There are always compromises.   Our Constitution states that power must reside in the will of the people, as expressed through their freely elected representatives.   Our laws take away our rights ! In national, as well as local elections.

Three components are essential to direct elections.

  • electoral districts
  • residency requirements
  • voting method

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