The Cryptocurrency Revolution

The rise in Cryptocurrencies is a tax revolt against awful government. This chart of Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations points out that 2017 is a mile marker in the course of human history.

    Cryptocurrencies are not a play toy for geeks. They are a citizen driven movement against paying taxes to governments that do not represent the people.

    As American Colonists shouted in 1776, Americans are shouting today “Why should we pay taxes to a government that serves someone else, not me?”

    We live in the midst of the most stunning and fast-paced revolution in human history. As businesses replace millions of unskilled workers with technology-driven machinery and corporate stock prices soar to record highs, our government insults us with false promises, while doing nothing to enlighten, educate and train American workers to compete in the Information Economy.

    This is why the top 1% are up 138% over past 30 years and real wages for the rest of us are up just 15%. It’s why old people celebrate a stock market that has gone from 600 to 25,000 during thier lifetime, while young people suffer from record levels of depression and loneliness.

    What has the American government done to help young Americans with overpriced college education, lack of skilled manufacturing education in high schools and an inexplicably complicated healthcare system? Why is the American government patronizing young people with empty promsies of “Nationalism”, when technology and global environmental issues have made them global citizens?

    Here’s the sad truth in 2017. America is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The political systems of gerrymandering and campaign finance laws have created an American government of the special interests, for the special interests, by the special interests. To make matters worse, the media fabricates divisions between left and right that belittles the dignity and intelligence of young Americans.

    Along comes an intelligent response for thoughtful young people. Cryptocurrencies are a means to stop paying taxes to a deeply broken system run by rich old men who want to milk every last dollar out of the Industrial Age and do nothing to help young people build a future in the Information Age.

    Cryptocurrencies allow young people to invest their hard earned dollars in building a new economy in the Information Age.

    This tax issue is serious and not going away. In the Information Economy, where people can work from anywhere, young people will live in places where they get good value for their taxes. Successful Cities and States will grow by treating taxpayers like customers, not subjects.

    It is going to be long hard fight, but cryptocurrencies are going to be a critical tool to restoring “Representation” back into the American Tax System and Democracy.

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