Will young people vote in 2016 ?

The “Brexit” vote is a simple lesson for young people all over the world – VOTE !

Look at this chart.   80% of old people voted, while just 30% of young people.   If just half the people under 35 voted, young citizens could look forward to a lifetime of freely traveling, living and working in Europe,


It seems cruel that the future of twenty year olds should be cast by older people that want to live in the past.

Since 1980, globalization has decreased the percentage of people living extreme poverty from 44% to 9%.   Do we really want to go backwards so half the world is in extreme poverty ??


Our elections are important, because young people need policies to deal with global warming, student debt, healthcare and gun violence.

So here is the chart that matters this year.  Will young Americans vote on November 8th ?


As we witness the stunning effects of global warming, if young people don’t vote this year, their future may literally be washed up.




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