Lies ….. and the politics of fear

Here are two facts that testify to the greatness of America.

Since 1981 the percentage of the world population living in extreme poverty has dropped from 44% to 9% !


Here is another important fact.   Since World War II, global income levels have risen faster than at any point in human history.

Real GDP per capital around the world

The foundation these successes is an American-led world order.  The American ideals of innovation, free-trade and individual rights are spreading across the globe.  For 71 years America’s overwhelming military might has prevented a world war.  The world has prospered because for 71 years we have found reasons to unite, rather than divide.

Look at the green bar – America’s per capita income level since the end of World War 2.    It keeps going up.

Nobody is benefiting more from American world leadership than Americans.  America may have issues in distributing our wealth, but we have NO issues in creating wealth.

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